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Need to learn to handle screw ups in a more acceptable fashion

initial plans to sleep @ 1130pm thwarted by an unexpected surge of messages regarding my unaddressed interest in photography + digging into old photos & the likes

not complaining tho

"i miss you can we hang out soon"

a soliloquy by me, to several, no, many, people in my life

forebodes the climatic “i hate humans please go away” scene

dramatic irony that is so ironic that it barely qualifies as irony: audience are fully aware of character’s desire to be left alone in order to feel loved (which requires some form of intimacy, whether physical or psychological)

"We must make a distinction between being different and being elitist." (Jny)

things I’ve learnt this week/encounters/moments 5

Music: The Album Leaf

"To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable." (Ludwug van Beethoven)

"The thing about being multilingual, be it manual or spoken, is that you make language choices all the time. And these language choices are often choices of function and accomodation." (One of the most fantastic teachers I’ve ever had)

A”ll photography and film does is give you a glimpse into someone’s mind”

was pretty much missing from (and still am missing from) most of the virtual social networking world for most of this week

new day new start 

re: parto, ti lascio, o cara

Sucked into a character’s mind,
Feeling everything they feel,
Questioning why they feel as such:

And this shall happen
(But I wish it not to be)
That you may have mercy on my beloved
(And on me, too, if you would)
What will happen to them?
(I hope only for the best)
What will happen to me?
(Uncertainty fills the gaps in the reality from which I will soon be removed)
Yet towards my fate/destination I shall go


a second of silence for the moments in music lost to the listless nature of humans

guess who just shouted at me for leaving my phone charging on a table that I was JUST ABOUT TO CLEAR IN 10 SECONDS FROM WHEN THE SHOUTING OCCURED

DO YOU SEE WHY IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO FEEL HAPPY AND TRY TO BE NICE TO YOU FOLKS?!?!?! I WANT TO LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY but I can’t do that when I feel I’m not needed, unwanted, despised. I’m not Jesus, alright?!

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