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as though ‘she’s not even pretty’/’he’s/she’s not even good looking enough’ were a justifiable reason to dismiss one’s behaviour as less acceptable

(Have been hearing this loads in the past month and it’s got me thinking)


Can’t find an NUS module that wpuld vaguely cover what I would have been able to learn under the Deafness & Communication module at UniMelb. Sigh trade offs

Bloody excited to start school, composition activities, extra mods and basically learning in general - my brain has been dormant for all too long.


The way in which I chanced upon it seems too good to be true, too: I was at USS today with the YST kids, when I saw a korean girl carrying the maroon version of this bag. I was eyeing it so badly, and I raved about it to my friend(s). THEN after dinner, I met her AGAIN at Vivo Zara - and I plucked up the courage to ask her where she got it (and also buaypaiseh-ly looked for the brand name).

Tell me this is not fate?! Where got so good one bump into a random stranger twice in a day, at different places & different times?! MY HEART HAS BEEN SOLD TO THE BAG FROM THE SECOND I SAW IT IN THE GLISTENING SUN IN CONTRAST TO THE LACK-LUSTRE USS SURROUNDINGS OKAY BEING MELODRAMATIC HERE.

If there’s still stock next Friday, this shall be mine. URGH THE PROPORTION, DESIGN ETC IS JUST TOO PERFECT IDK. Just afraid that it will be too big for me but honestly idcare I rly am sold.

urgh people

"Because of this, we have a great power. We have the power to draw their eyes toward us for one of two reasons:

  1. For the appeal of their desire based on revealing enough of our bodies to entice them; or
  2. To appear attractive in personality as reflected in how we dress.”

Appreciating beauty is not the same as lust. A man can find a woman attractive, beautiful, and lovely without her body being the sole focus of that attention. Lust is a desire for that which is not ours to have: the body of a person who does not belong to us. When a man ogles a woman’s chest, legs, or derriere, he is focusing on the parts of her that are not his, and yet he takes them visually and mentally, cheapening the woman and demeaning himself. That is not appreciation: that is lust.”

That Day I Wore Yoga Pants: 5 Myths About Modesty

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too much bone, too much fat; too little bone, too little fat - all in the wrong places GRR disproportionate body parts, especially my own, bother the heck out of me

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Lugged bags into PGP > Amazing race (which was bloody well planned - I’m so damn impressed) > Samsung service centre > tourist spots > Dinner @ cb expensive food court

Charmaine’s in Sydney so our group was even smaller than it ought to be ): HOPE TOMORROW’S EXHIBITION TRIP WILL BE FUN/WORTHWHILE

VCH, selfie with the PM (taken by the PM himself yo) and Dr Kelly Tang’s premiere; PGP check in, YST tour and rare instance of narcissism.


Thus concludes my spammation of posts to aid my failing memory but undying desire to record my life into more time-withstanding platforms.

Union camp; third night; finale night; baking class and Paradys with Dinas missing Ben (who should really come for the next outing lol) really blessed to have been able to go for the camp and to have met this group of amazing kids

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