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singing done today:
12pm-2pm Chamber, tho
8.30pm-9pm (but am currently resting)

A total of 3.5 hours. Is that too much? Idk I wish I had more time to spare before my voice tires out. I’m in the zone but there’s only so much my body can take…):

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looking mad crazy reading and practising diction by contorting my face/mouth into strange shapes, all while sitting @ Starbucks

when your religious practices needlessly hinders the life of others, as well as general physical health of people at large…time to reconsider boundaries

applies to all


conversations with father

  • Me: have you checked the mailbox lately?
  • Him: HOW I KNOW?!?!
  • Me: ...when was the last time you checked the mailbox?
  • Him: *sigh* 4 to 5 days ago what do you want?!

things I’ve learnt this week/encounters 2

"We have got to avoid getting in the way of our voice - singing is a natural thing, and everyone can sing."

"While girls get upset and apolgetic over mistakes made, guys simply respond to mistakes by saying, ‘Okay, I won’t do it again.’" (why are we so tough on ourselves? of course, this isn’t gender specific but there is still some truth to this question due to nurtured gender roles)

- modern folk music composers reinvent traditions of the past; progress in music can also be seen as a reconstruction and reinstitutionalisation of tradition

- Why can’t educators make their lessons interesting and engaging enough such that learning in itself can serve as an incentive for students to want to give their best in taking in information, internalising it and synthesising it into something organic in their assignments?

(words unsaid hang on questions left unanswered, at the mercy of the brutal force that is fate, time and happenstance combined)

"knowing that you’re here with me"

- instead of wishing that life gets easier, hope and work towards being more skilled at what you do (change yourself, not the situation you are in)

"There is no such thing as a wasted education"

"If I don’t even want to hang out with myself, why would anyone else?"

to be a better person is to care (in a non-obsessive way) adequately about yourself and the people who have made you, well, you

it’s like having shitty hair for the first 18 years of your life and then having God-sent hair products introduced to your life that tame your mane (ha ha ha) to look more like human head hair rather than curly wurly hair from down South, to polish it, to shape it, and you’ll want to keep your newborn hair so you start using those products more often - especially when your hair becomes kinky (ooh) and unruly - which inevitably requires you to also invest more money on these products, and also more time on yourself/your hair.

I have brilliant grammar - look at that 150-word long sentence up there.

But seriously, though. Goddamn even the shitty UV rays of the unforgiving Singapore sun, and the chlorine that mercilessly clings to your hair for an entire week after your rare 1-hour swim, will play a part in making your hair look more awesome and have more spunk. THANK GOD FOR BLESSED HAIR PRODUCTS AND ASSHOLE EXTERNAL STIMULI IN MY LIFE but of course I don’t wish to use people in such a way so let’s pretend that I just wrote an extremely deep post

EDIT: FREAK TUMBLR DELETED MY LAST 3 PARAGRAPHS SO I had to retype it and now the phrasing sounds choppu sigh why tumblr

I’d like to believe that whatever friendship I shared with people who are (physically leaving) leaving will transcend the distance/time between our last and next meeting. Am I being too idealistic? Maybe that’s also why I don’t react much at the farewell parties, at the departure hall, at the edge of goodbye and the next hello.

And again I am reminded that it never should be solely about how ‘I’ feel, but that it is a reciprocal relationship. Idk haha what am I to feel

hate coming home because of the negative energy that is my father urgh

Fucking hate trains skin on skin all FUCK

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